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Ghost Hunting at Night – Not for the fainthearted!

What are you doing with your evenings, why not join us on one of our paranormal ghost hunts for a dark encounter on a ghost hunting nights event?

We have been ghost hunters and ghost investigators since 2008, we travel the length and breadth of the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe checking for paranormal and ghost activity in old buildings and haunted locations, many of the sites we visit and investigate have a history of extreme paranormal activity so not for the frightened, nervous, anxious, scared or apprehensive amongst us! 

Everyone is welcome (over 18s only unless specified) to join our investigative ghost hunts, All events are suitable for an experienced ghost hunter to a newcomer or even sceptics!

Still interested in our ghost hunts, then keep reading!

Investigating in a Haunted Jail or an Old Castle for a Ghost

Over the years Ghostly Gatherings has been organising ghost hunts and investigating hundreds of ancient haunted buildings and held events such as ghost hunts, and interactive ghost walks we have seen and heard and recorded many paranormal experiences and supernatural phenomena on these ghost hunts to blow the biggest sceptic of ghosts minds.

We just recently did an investigative ghost hunt visit to Beaumaris Jail in Wales, we were fully aware of paranormal activity, we heard sounds and movement near us, but we didn’t physically see a ghost walk about with our own eyes we took photos as normal, one was of the outside condemned prison cell, where in the past prisoners were held awaiting execution, on closer inspection of the photos upon our return one of the images shows a priest in his robes standing with a male prisoner, just another ghost hunting night – really spooky stuff!

Our experienced ghost investigative team organise events designed to thrill, terrorise and excite whilst also being educational as we tell you about the historic period of the venue, what to expect, and what we may encounter such as a funnel ghost, wisp ghost, ghost orbs and poltergeists all which we have sighted on these dark nights, on these events we visit anything from a famous ancient old derelict building, historic castles, old stately homes and organise haunted park ghost hunts too.

This is just one of the hundreds of paranormal experiences our ghost nights team experiences, these events you will be able to read about on our ghost hunting blog page coming soon!

Ghost Investigation Experiments

When we hear about a haunted dwelling or reported ghost sightings we will research the property first, checking its history before embarking on a ghost hunt, we will investigate ourselves by spending a few nights at the haunted property, setting up our ghost detecting equipment which can identify the slightest movements, atmospheric changes sounds and smells.

We use two different methods to detect paranormal movements on ghost hunt nights, traditional & modern techniques of ghost detecting, see below a  for a description of the equipment we use to hunt for a ghost and paranormal activity.

Traditional Techniques to detect ghosts

Channelling: This is tried and tested method we use at all event nights to communicate with the ghost and spirits.

Scrying: This allows our medium to receive messages and visual flashes of information from a spirit or ghost.

Seances: This is where our group along with a medium will attempt to make contact with a ghost.

Table tipping & glass moving: Our group will be in a circle and all place their hands on a table touching each other fingers after a few moments if a ghost has been contacted they will signal by tipping the table or glass.

Modern Techniques to detect a ghosts

Night vision camcorders: these camcorders can capture images in very low light, perfect to see a ghost.

Full Spectrum Cameras: This type of camera detects more light and movement than a normal camera, perfect for infrared images or ultraviolet images.

K-ii Meters: This device can detect electromagnetic fields, a paranormal ghost hunt investigator “must have” tool 

EVP Recorders: EVP stands for “Electronic Voice Phenomenon” this device will analyse recordings to identify if there is a ghost in the vicinity.

All the technology we use is there to enhance your ghost hunt experience 

Ghost Haunting Nights Events

We are just coming to the end of September, and all these events are fully booked, check out upcoming events via our website, just to whet your appetite we have a Halloween Weekend Ghost Hunting Special at the haunted Llanfyllin Workhouse dates are Friday 28th Oct and at the haunted Nantclwyd Y Dre Saturday 29th Oct both sites are in Wales.

About these two venues.

Llanfyllin Workhouse opened in 1839 this two-storey building was designed to house 250 paupers, these poor souls worked spinning wool, hemp and flax and fed on only bread & cheese!

Most of the paupers lived worked and died in the building, never being able to venture out, now it’s said some of their ghostly souls walk the landing and hall at night!

Nantclwyd Y Dre is the oldest timber house in Wales, it is also a grade 1 listed house dating back to 1435, today it’s a historic house museum open to the public in the daytime and with a special arrangement on nights it will open its doors to our investigative team of ghost enthusiast and guests for a night of paranormal ghost hunting

We will be at both venues using our modern ghost monitoring equipment + our traditional ghost hunting methods – Two-nights ghost hunting in a haunted house & haunted workhouse, book now, this Halloween event is not to be missed!

This Halloween ghost hunting event will be limited to a maximum group size of 25 excluding ghosts, book early to secure your place and avoid disappointment!

Fancy coming along and joining one of our events?

Are you bored of being sat spending lonely nights at home, why not book one of our ghost hunts events, we run these events on many different nights simply ghost investigating.

We guarantee small groups, mostly all ghost fanatics, it can be frightening, it can get scary, but it’s also fun and very interesting too, some sceptics have a very different view to start off with until they see a ghost or two!

Check out our upcoming ghost hunt events page, as per the “ghost hunts page” you can book directly leaving a small deposit to secure your place and enjoy your “ghostly gatherings” events.

Please Note: We are now taking ghost hunt bookings for 2022, don’t miss out on any of these popular events!

On a closing note

Just imagine walking into a dimly lit room in a haunted house, your senses are on overdrive, and any creak of a floorboard, a weird smell, you sense a presence behind, a slight movement you try to look but it’s gone, a feeling you’re being watched was that a ghost, or are your eyes playing tricks with you, the room temperature suddenly drops, the feeling of being touched by unseen hands, the adrenaline is searing through your veins now, hearts pumping wildly, so many emotions running through your body, terror, fear, excitement, fun, surprise, anxiety and horror …. all before you actually see a ghost and one of the reasons why we go on ghost hunts!

Ask yourself, are you “brave” enough to come to one of our ghost hunts events?

If you have any questions or need further information please contact us