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For unique ghost hunting experiences throughout the UK and parts of Europe, Ghostly Gathering is your number one choice. Established in 2008 we have been leading ghost tours and carrying out paranormal investigations at the most haunted houses, workhouses and castles around.

To witness the best haunted happenings and experience nights of ghostly encounters, check out our upcoming ghost tours on our website.

Do you believe in Ghosts?

Whether you believe it or not in haunted houses and paranormal activity our ghost hunts speak for themselves. We have an outstanding success rate in encountering haunted happenings at our popular events. 

During each ghost hunt we conduct you can expect dark encounters and haunted happenings. Some sceptics will say it’s your mind playing tricks on you. There is only one way to find out, sign up for one of our ghost hunts, are you brave enough? 

The Equipment we use to Hunt Ghosts

Traditional Ghost Hunt Techniques

Modern Ghost Hunt Equipment

Upcoming Ghost Hunt Events

As a taster, we have listed two upcoming planned ghost hunts. To see where else we will be taking our ghost hunters on a dark night in 2023 visit our website.

Blackpool’s Haunted Regent Picture House – 6th May 2023 – 9 pm to 2 am

With many reports of ghostly voices, footsteps and touching from unseen hands. This ghost hunt is going to be one you will remember forever. Underneath the picture house lies a creepy dark cellar perfect to witness haunted happenings.

Llanfyllin Workhouse – Dates to be confirmed

Set in the beautiful countryside of Wales, this 18th-century workhouse has been a popular place to experience haunted nights and haunted happenings.

Hauntings & Paranormal goings-on are regularly reported in Llanfyllin’s ancient workhouse. Dare you join us for a night of haunted happenings? 

To see our complete and up-to-date ghost hunt itinerary visit our website and click the “Events” tab.

Weekend Special Ghost Hunting Experiences

For an ultimate ghost hunting experience our popular two-night & two-haunted properties take some beating. To avoid any disappointment and miss out on a ghost hunt night, booking early is essential.

Crime & Punishment Weekend Ghost Hunt 24th & 25th March 2023

These ghost hunts are focused on two haunted buildings, Beaumaris Court House & Beaumaris Goal. Steeped in history dating back to the 16th century both buildings are infamous for haunted happenings. 

Paranormal events such as sudden shifts in temperature from comfortable to feeling ice cold, doors slamming and distant voices.

At Beaumaris Goal recent ghost hunt participants, felt being pushed and shoved, their hair pulled and clothing gripped by unseen hands. 

Nights spent wandering around the rooms and corridors of these buildings are not for the faint-hearted!

On a recent exploratory visit, we took some photos, check them out on our website gallery page.

Overnight Ghost Hunts

All of this year’s ghost hunts are night events and normally finish around 2 or 3 am, as of now we do not have any sleepover ghost hunts planned in haunted houses. 

If you fancy joining our next overnight ghost hunt get in touch with Ghostly Gathering. Either send us a message using our website contact page or give us a call.

Recently Visited Hauntings 

After each ghost hunt and investigation, we post photos of haunted happenings on these nights on our website. To see what we and our ghost hunt group’s experience, visit our website gallery page.

We Hunt for Ghosts in Small Groups

For the best results when on ghost hunts for less noise pollution and focused attention, small groups work better. Group sizes which include two ghost hunt investigators/mediums are advertised on the ghost hunt venue event page. 

Dare you Visit Haunted Houses & Experience Haunted Happenings? 

Places are limited for these special nights of haunted happenings and sell out quickly. If you want to experience one of the best & scariest nights of your life, book & reserve a ghost hunt night today.