ghost hunting experience

For believers of all ages, conducting a paranormal ghost hunting experience may be enjoyable, fulfilling, and enriching. However, just like any activity, a lot of what you get out of it depends on what you put into it, so you must make sure you’re ready for any ghost experiences before you go. We’ve gathered our ghost expertise and made it available to you here so that you can benefit the most from your upcoming ghost experiences. You may plan and carry out productive, cost-effective, and efficient paranormal investigations by drawing on our experience and the ghost lessons we’ve learnt through trial and error.

There are many fascinating people and ghost hunters who have committed their lives to the pursuit of the truth through a ghost hunt experience. You should be aware of the proper procedures to start a ghost hunt tour, including understanding the history of the haunted location and being ready.

People who have been interested in the aspect of a paranormal ghost hunting event have long been fascinated by the pursuit of ghosts. Perhaps you have a suspicion that a particular location may be haunted, or you simply want to try your hand at gaining some insight into life beyond death by being a ghost hunter. Whatever your circumstances, you should be aware that you can’t just dive into ghost hunting without any preparation. As you prepare for your ghost experience, there are a few crucial suggestions you should keep in mind to keep yourself safe and prepared. Do you believe you are ready to start paranormal ghost hunts? If yes, the remaining sections of this guide are for you. For a secure first journey into the paranormal, pay close attention to and heed each of the following suggestions on ghost hunting.

What is a ghost hunting experience? 

Finding locations that people think are haunted and exploring them for evidence of paranormal activity is the practice of “ghost hunting.” Some professional ghost hunters strive to convince ghosts in a haunted place to leave, while others are amateurs who just wish to record the place and the paranormal activity that occurs there. If done correctly, ghost hunting is an activity that can yield extremely fruitful proof of paranormal activity in a site, but like any activity of its nature, it takes some forward planning and know-how to carry it out properly.

Ghost tour jargon worth knowing

Even if it may not seem professional to search for ghosts in your closet at three in the morning, paranormal investigations are a serious matter. There is nothing preventing amateur ghost hunters from adopting the industry’s jargon because they have grown so common. These are the phrases you need to be familiar with whether you intend to binge-watch your preferred ghost-hunting programme or start your own paranormal investigation.


If you’ve ever taken a picture on a ghost hunt and observed a shiny, pale circle floating in it, you may have recorded what paranormal researchers believe to be proof of the afterlife. Some people think that the orbs that occasionally appear in photographs are the ghosts of the dead. They could be dust flecks that were caught in the flash of the camera, which is another explanation.


An anomaly is something that cannot be explained, such as many things that are connected to paranormal activity.


A haunting is a concentration of paranormal activity that has been said to occur around a particular person or location.


“Electromagnetic field” is referred to as EMF. Some paranormal researchers think that a ghost can interfere with electromagnetic fields or produce their own electromagnetic waves. Such energy can be found with an EMF metre.

Ghost Box

Any gadget that allegedly enables ghost communication through technology is known as a “ghost box.” Some devices listen to radio frequencies, occasionally picking up speech fragments that could be the ghostly voices of the dead. This idea is presented in an even creepier way by The Ovilus. The device converts environmental changes or EMF disturbances into “words” (or, more correctly, noises) that are uttered in a robotic voice.

Physical Manipulation

Physical manipulation is proof that a ghost has altered the physical world. This could be anything from a ghost hurling a chair across the room to one creaking open a door.

Cold Spot

A cold spot is a place in a purportedly haunted place where the temperature lowers. Cool air pockets are frequently cited by ghost hunters as proof of phantom activity.


Apparition is a spirit’s appearance that a person can see with their senses. Despite the fact that apparitions are frequently seen as visual occurrences, they can also be heard, smelled, and felt.


EVP, or “electronic voice phenomenon,”  EVPs are unexplained, inanimate voices that are recorded with ghost boxes or spontaneously on voice recorders this tool is used regularly on a ghost hunt.


The tangible, sensory proof of paranormal activity is regarded as a manifestation of the afterlife. This group includes physical manipulation, apparitions, and EVPs.


Any separate being can be referred to as an entity because the phrase is so broad. The term “ghost or entity” is frequently used to describe the ghosts that haunt a location in ghost hunt tour investigations.


A medium acknowledges being able to connect with a ghost or spirits, whether they have passed over into another realm or are still allegedly haunting our world, using their psychic talents.


The abbreviation “psi” stands for “psychic phenomena.” Telepathy, the ability to move objects with the mind (telekinesis), and precognition of seeing the future are some examples of psychic occurrences 


Clearing is the process of clearing a location of its ghostly inhabitants. When looking into a haunting, a medium or ghost hunter may have this as their objective.

Shadow Person

A particular kind of ghostly manifestation is a “shadow person.” It describes the shadowy, black figures that some witnesses claim to have caught in their peripheral vision on nights ghost hunting.

What Distinguishes Paranormal From Supernatural

It’s common to use the words “paranormal” and “supernatural” to refer to the same thing—something we don’t comprehend. However, they are actually two distinct names. Although something described as “paranormal” is something that science does not yet fully comprehend, it is still feasible that something paranormal will someday be explained scientifically and that it has a tenable natural explanation. “Supernatural” refers to an occurrence that doesn’t follow our rules and is therefore beyond our comprehension both now and in the future.

We are investigating the paranormal here (be sceptical)

It’s crucial that we avoid falling into the trap of persuading ourselves that there is something that isn’t there, even though ghost hunts can become a wonderful career, pastime, or occasionally adventure. Ghost hunting can occasionally be a waiting game. Not all interactions with haunted spirits are thrilling or intellectual. When we’re stuck waiting in a quiet session, we occasionally begin to look for shadows and make false positives.

Both science and art go into ghost hunting. Avoid getting irritated and trying to force a  haunted situation into your head. When conducting a haunted paranormal investigation, you must have faith in your team’s expertise and equipment. Sometimes you have to wait around before exciting events happen. 

If you’re trying to communicate with a haunted spirit utilising a ghost box,( a technology that uses radio frequency to communicate with the dead. These gadgets, often referred to as Spirit boxes, Ghost boxes, or Frank’s boxes, are utilised as an electronic medium with the aim of having direct conversations with ghosts ) and listening for thoughtful and insightful responses. Most likely, random words are just nearby radio stations. An EMF metre might be activated by an electrical surge.

Before we can determine what it is, we must rule out everything that it isn’t.

Never venture ghost experiences alone!

When contemplating a ghost hunting expedition, one of the first things you should remember is to always use the buddy system. Ghost teams or groups will frequently do this. You never know what you’re going to encounter when you embark on a haunting adventure like this, so even though it will be thrilling and possibly terrifying, you’ll want to have someone with you just in case. You could maybe check out TripAdvisor to possibly find other like-minded ghost hunting company within your local area. 

Furthermore, if you bring a friend or two along on the trip, you will have witnesses to support your claims if you do come across something from beyond. That way you have witnesses with you while on any haunted tours.

Make certain you’re ghost hunt ready!

If you’re considering going ghost hunting, you shouldn’t just walk up to the haunted location empty-handed. Some items are going to be important for you to pack, both for your own protection and to record the haunted experience. There are more detailed guidelines available to help you decide what to bring, however, some essentials you should make sure you have on hand while on any tour are as follows:

A flashlight so you may travel securely while seeing your surroundings. 

Video camera, in case you want to record the events and in case you see any strange haunted things. 

Cell phone in case you experience an emergency when you are out and about.

These are some of the fundamental stuff you should always take with you on these tours, while there are other tools you could bring along, such as gear designed expressly for this haunted activity.

Emotional Resilience

For some who believe they are being affected by otherworldly events, a paranormal investigation is occasionally viewed as a road to healing. For the success of any endeavour you choose to undertake, carefully assessing your capacity for emotional recovery is essential. Before you begin a ghost hunting tour, proceed with great caution as it can trigger feelings of emotional distress and anxiety, especially if you’ve recently been through a traumatic experience or lost a loved one.

Make sure your paranormal research is up to date!

You shouldn’t just walk up to a reputedly haunted location without first doing some study on it. This is true even if you intend to look for paranormal activity on your own home or property. Look into the past history of the location you intend to visit on the internet or in newspaper archives. Examine the area for any evidence of previous fatalities, other people’s tales of paranormal activity, or any other information from the past ghost hunts that stands out to you or even a local ghost hunting blog. Do not rush in if there have been sightings at the place in the past. Take your time and be sure to check it out first throughout the day. By doing this, you can obtain a sense of the area before returning at a time when sightings are anticipated to increase.

Always seek the owner’s permission before doing any ghost hunts!

Make sure you have permission from the owner of the property if you are exploring a location that doesn’t belong to you for a paranormal ghost hunting experience activity. After all, you don’t want to be trespassing! The best approach to do this is to just ask for written permission from the property owner, which will allow you to show that you have their approval if necessary. You should probably bring your identification with you as well, so you can show that you are who you say you are.


To enjoy the ghost hunting tour experience, you must have adequate sleep. Yes, eventually you will become exhausted. However, if you force yourself to wake up from your slumber, you’ll start to hear and see things that aren’t actually there. Lack of sleep can produce intriguing hallucinations that can resemble the effects of intoxication. Your capacity to comprehend your environment can be compromised. Something reasonable and straightforward might be viewed as supernatural. There is no stigma associated with having a cat nap if you are exhausted. The night before any ghost hunts, I aim to get at least eight hours of sleep and take a nap.

Talk to the ghost

Ask permission to snap pictures after introducing yourself to the ghost and assuring them that you have no malicious intentions. 

Ask the ghosts to appear in your pictures. If they reply, express gratitude. 

Describe the tools you are using. A brief explanation can make ghosts feel more at ease as they won’t be able to detect devices like spirit boxes or EMF readers. 

Thank the ghost for having you and urge them not to follow you as you depart the tour.

Ask the Right Questions

You’ll probably hear a few ideas for questions to ask during each ghost hunt. However, there is a technique to ask the right questions that will foster friendly communication. The questions should be straightforward but also intelligent. Among other things, I detest being asked, “Do you know you’re dead.”Better would be to inquire about someone’s name. Knowing the location’s history, including significant dates in its existence (ie: wars, presidential inaugurations, world events, etc.).

Additionally, stacking inquiries might lead to issues. When you speak in a continuous stream of questions, that is. What’s your name? From where do you originate? What is your age?” is a prime example of a stacking query. When posed alone, these queries are appropriate. But if you keep asking them the same thing, the ghost can become perplexed. Last but not least, remember to pause for 10 to 15 seconds after each query to give the ghost time to respond.

When you know how to properly enter the unknown, ghost hunting may be a thrilling adventure. The roots of many different kinds of supernatural happenings can be discovered through paranormal experiences, although they can be quite emotionally taxing. Before beginning your ghost quest, take steps to protect yourself so that you will be prepared and equipped to deal with unforeseen circumstances. 

Always Stay Safe!

Ghost hunts are an enjoyable activity that may teach you a lot and provide you with many amazing haunted experiences. You should always ensure that you are performing this activity safely and correctly, though. 

If you are unfamiliar with the property, this is one reason why you should always set aside some time to go there throughout the day. For added security, if you’d like, you can also carry a first aid package. This would be a handy item to have on hand in case you or another member of your ghost hunts group encounters a scenario where they need assistance after suffering a physical injury.

If you can spot activity during your experienced investigations,  ghost hunts may be a lot of fun. It becomes much more exciting if you can record your encounters on camera and share them with others. You can enjoy your ghost hunting tours and events while being safe and well-prepared by paying attention to some of the ghost hunt experience advice we’ve provided above.