ghost hunters uk

Can I expect professional ghost hunters and paranormal activity experts whilst ghost hunting?

All ghost hunters UK events hosted by Ghostly Gathering guarantee the presence of two mediums, and group sizes are strictly limited to those shown on the events page. They believe that big crowds of individuals contribute to noise pollution and are likely to reduce to overall experience they wish their guests to experience.

A medium taps into the spirit energy that surrounds a person in order to use their psychic or intuitive ability to view the individual’s past, present, and future happenings. This implies that for information pertinent to the person being read, mediums depend on the existence of non-physical energy present outside of themselves. A medium present on a ghost hunt enables communication with and transmission of messages from individuals who have passed on to those who are still alive.

Are there any restrictions on what equipment we can use to ghost hunt during ghost hunters UK events?

As long as your equipment doesn’t cause damage or ruin the experience for others whilst ghost hunting, most ghost hunting equipment is allowed.

EVPs are recorded and documented using an audio recorder (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). EVPs are voice recordings that you can only hear. Ghost hunters refer to this as a “Disembodied Voice” if you hear the ghost say “hello” aloud. Turn the recorder on, introduce yourself, and ask open-ended inquiries like, “What’s your name?” to use it effectively. Was this your residence? “What’s your age?” By doing this, a full EVP session is created, allowing you to collect plenty of excellent bits of proof.

Digital camcorders are a fantastic tool for recording your quest and gathering whatever visuals you may come across while exploring. The kit’s camcorder incorporates a night vision feature and an attachable microphone for better audio.

It has been suggested that ghosts and spirits have their own energy that can interfere with EMF readers. As you record your EVP, keep the reader on and check for any “blips” (flashing lights on the reader), which could be a ghost trying to catch your attention. This is an excellent debunking tool. Even when they only reside near wires or other gadgets that are producing strong EMF fields, some persons who claim to live in “haunted” homes may assert that they feel as though they are being watched.

What is the capacity of guests for ghost hunters UK? 

When participating in ghost hunts, choosing a group/company that offers small groups with an accompanying medium or experienced ghost hunter is important. When ghost hunting, removing variables that could prevent paranormal activity from being captured is important. Events that allow large groups on ghost hunts are likely to result in confusion and possibly annoyance from avid ghost hunters.

Ghost hunts organised by Ghostly Gathering ensure there are limited numbers in each group, offering multiple events to ensure you can join a ghost hunt at the same location at an alternative date. You can view their selection of paranormal investigation locations, their dates and available bookings for your convenience.

Are there a set amount of hours dedicated to each ghost hunt and overnight ghost hunts?

Yes, with most ghost hunts, a designated amount of time is given to those hosting events overnight. However, you are always free to leave if you feel the experience is too much, or if you’re simply tired from staying up so late. You can also request another visit if you feel the experience was not long enough, especially if you’re having luck in capturing activity. 

Whilst exploring venues such as castles, estate homes, and other haunted locations, the events have been thoroughly planned. Whilst working in line with the owners of the venues, ghost hunts are designed around the layout of the location with the intention of ensuring those on the ghost hunt get the opportunity to explore as many areas as possible. 

The venues themselves are doing us a great service in trusting ghost hunting teams to explore their premises after dark. Safety precautions are in place to prevent accidents or damages from occurring. Your safety is paramount at all times and staff will be on hand to offer emotional and physical support if required.