What to expect from Ghost Hunts Nights

With Ghostly Gathering Tours you can expect a paranormal and ghost experience to blow your mind, on ghost hunt nights we aim to take your ghost-hunting experience to another level that’s out of this world!

We always pre-investigate haunted buildings all over the UK, before we take any ghost hunts groups we need to ascertain the size of the haunted building or room and its ability to hold comfortably a certain number of people so as not to make too much noise which may compromise any paranormal or ghost experience, we need the room to be as quiet as possible. we want to be able to hear every strange creak, rattling noise or voice from spirits that may be present at our events.

If you are a sceptic or a believer in spirits and the paranormal, easily spooked or scare-proof we can 100% guarantee our ghost nights are a very unique experience you will remember forever.

Any ghost hunting occasion we host you can expect to it be fun, scary and educational, as mention we have visited the haunted premises beforehand, we are not going in blind, and our team of mediums is extremely experienced in ghost hunting and contacting spirits, ghosts and paranormal happenings, we bring with us numerous bits of equipment to detect movement, sound and noises on ghost hunts, along with video and cameras to capture any spooky happenings.

Be prepared for an evening of ghost stories, fun, scares, puzzling and heart-pumping, adrenaline-rushing moments as we contact a ghost from days gone by or spirits from the after-world, all the buildings we visit in the UK in the dead of night have a story to tell which will chill you to the bone!

So you can expect to be in a small group, all investigative ghost hunts include two experienced “Mediums” to insure you will have a ghost experience.

So how are you feeling, scared, worried, and apprehensive or do you think we are talking bollocks?

For any sceptics out there, a challenge to you would be to join a ghost hunt at night with our events team manager, we are not here to change your views or take the wind out of your sails, burst your bubble or take the steam out of your argument, we would love to take you on a ghost hunting event just for the experience you will have, we are not playing a game, what we do is deadly serious, although admittedly sceptics who have joined our ghost hunts occasions are no longer sceptics… just saying!

Ghost Hunt Tour, what’s included?

Apart from scaring the pants off yourself and a ghost or two, you can expect an extraordinary experience

You will be included in taking part in the paranormal experiments we conduct on a ghost hunt which includes helping our ghost investigators with traditional which are channelling and overshadowing of spirits, scying, seances, table tipping and glass moving and more which are used to contact successfully the spirit world.

Modern high-tech methods are night vision camcorders and full spectrum cameras, the use of K-ii meters (ghost meter) used for picking up electromagnetic frequency and EVP recorders which randomly scans FM & AM frequencies to capture electronic voice phenomena and for unusual sounds & noises made by a spirit or ghost.

Included on ghost hunts is transport to and from all events, snacks and drinks at break times, you get to choose when you want a break, when a ghost is active why take a break, which does not include any alcoholic drinks, the last thing you want is to be hammered and freak out! 

Ghost Hunting in a Haunted Jail

Dare you enter a haunted Gaol in the dead of night?

We regularly do ghost hunting tours to a haunted gaol Beaumaris in Anglsey Wales, which is full of history as it dates back to the 1829s, it has lots of sad tales and secrets from the prisoners who endured the harsh prison treatment, and the gaol finally closed its doors to prisoners in 1878, opening its doors back up again to become a museum in 1974, The museum allows our team access by appointment only to conduct our ghost hunting nights for our ghost hunters to learn about the jail with its spooky history.

This ghost hunt will live in your memory forever, the building itself is both a haunting and dramatic spectacle in the daytime, but at night time is another completely different experience, you get to visit the spartan cells, walk down the dimly lit corridors, with punishment cells as well as commended prisoners cells, you can even handle the original chains worn by the prisoners over a century ago! 

Two prisoners were hanged at Beaumaris gaol, one being William Griffith back in 1830 for the attempted murder of his first wife and the other Richard Rowlands in 1862 for murdering his father in law, the metal rivets from the original gallows and the wooden doors both men would have passed through to be executed are still visible today.

We have visited this site on numerous occasions, and every time we have been we have encountered many spirits and ghost experiences, on the last visit in September we actually believe we have photography evidence of one of the ghost figures of a condemned man and his jailer just before being led to the gallows (photo can be seen on our website)

Above is just one example of some of the haunted jails we conduct our ghost hunting episodes and nights, we visit many places all over the UK including Ireland and Europe.

Check our website regularly for any upcoming ghost hunting night event which you might fancy joining. 

Sleepover Ghost Hunts

Our sleepover ghost hunts are our weekend events which we have coming up very soon 28th & 29th of October if you want to join us for a Halloween Weekend Ghost Hunting Special at Llanfyllin Workhouse and Nanyclwyed y Dre, more information is available on our website.

To be honest on the paranormal hunting events and ghost sleepover events, as soon as the witching hour of midnight is upon us the last thing you will think about is sleep, we will be far too busy investigating, looking, waiting and watching for any paranormal happenings to occur, the need for sleep goes south at night, it’s in the morning when we all tend to get a bit of shut-eye after we have discussed the night’s hunting events ghost we have all just witnessed.

Scheduled Events

We have regular events running every month all listed on our website for example one of the up-and-coming events yet to be listed is “Mill Street Barracks” this historic building is a haven for ghost hunts, barracks ghost hunting at this place is awesome, it was built to hold soldiers in the 1800s and also used as a morgue during the world wars, this site has become infamous for paranormal activity including a weeping girl, a spirit that walks the dim corridors and entering the numerous rooms, nothing to be scared of its just simply ghost nights and just another ghost hunt events that we host.

For more scheduled ghost events or to just read about past ghost events and some of the fascinating and scary nights we have had, also check out our ghost galley on our website all very interesting.

So, are you ready for a ghost hunt, want to become a ghost hunter, or are brave enough for one of our events, are you scared of a ghost or spirits or just inquisitive and want to learn more about a ghost and why they still appear amongst the living, then please join our team of dedicated supernatural and ghost investigators on a ghost hunt, believe me, you will not be disappointed?

See you soon ghost hunters at one of our ghost events!