ghost hunt events

Where can I find castle ghost hunt and ghost hunting events in the UK?

Ghost Hunt events are conducted by a group of skilled event coordinators, mediums who specialize in ghost hunting, and historians who have come together to provide you with this innovative idea and the ultimate ghost hunting experience. Ghost hunts are available to those brave enough, across the whole of the UK. Events are tailored to the demands of the public, with incredible locations such as castles and vaults available to those partaking in the ghost hunts at night.

The Ghostly Gathering expert team has looked into numerous purported hauntings and is now prepared to take you to the most active places we have discovered. Organised events such as Penrhyn Old Hall, The Haunted Regent Picture Hall, Wisbech Castle, Ruthin Gaol and Edinburgh Vaults. With events across England, Scotland and Wales, we search the UK for haunted locations and buildings for people to join our team on a ghost hunt.

Is it safe to go on ghost hunts?

Ghost hunts are safe for those that are willing participants in ghost hunting. Locations and buildings are scouted out by ghost hunting teams before events are organised. Safety is always of high concern on a ghost hunt. Finding a ghost isn’t fun if you’re in danger of falling down a flight of steep stairs. Having anxiety or a reluctance to go may heighten fear in some which could result in accidents such as falling over or bringing about a panic attack. 

You don’t need to be afraid of the paranormal or ghosts. They are not out to get you or attack you. Many people report the sighting of a ghost after the ghost hunt once they view the photos or videos they took during the event. Ghost hunts are safe and usually a very enjoyable experience. Events are planned in advance before ghost hunts are organised and tickets sold. Safety measures are put in place, with rooms closed off during the event if deemed a risk. Most events are conducted at night with minimal light besides torches. Taking in your surroundings and ensuring you stay safe is important and encouraged. Members of the events team are always on hand to assist those that require assistance.

What is a paranormal or haunted event?

Investigating places that are said to be haunted by ghosts is referred to as ghost hunting. Typically, a ghost-hunting team will make an effort to gather proof of paranormal activity. EMF meters, digital thermometers, handheld and stationary video cameras and digital audio recorders are just a few of the electronic tools used by ghost hunters. Other, more conventional methods are also employed, such as interviewing subjects and looking into the past of purportedly haunted locations. Another name for a ghost hunter is “paranormal investigator”.

According to popular culture, folklore, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, paranormal happenings are alleged phenomena whose presence is said to be outside the purview of conventional scientific knowledge. A haunted location is deemed to be frequented by a ghost or two. Places where death is commonplace, such as hospitals and medieval castles, have claims of being haunted and are visited by those wishing to capture a ghost on camera. 

Events such as ghost hunts have grown in popularity over the years. In the UK there is a wealth of haunted locations and ghost hunting events for you to choose from. For those who are interested, there is a museum ghost hunt, prison ghost hunt, castle ghost hunt and halloween ghost hunt for those brave enough. For those that love history, searching a castle at night in search of a ghost with friends could be the experience of a lifetime. 

Are ghost hunts and haunted nights worth the money?

Even if you don’t see a ghost or experience any paranormal activity whilst on a ghost hunt, they are an incredible experience. Going with friends to historic locations and exploring at night will test your nerves and be a night like no other. Event organisers aim to keep groups small and controlled to prevent noise pollution and increase the potential of seeing or hearing a ghost. 

Ghost hunt events are an experience and they might not be ideal for everyone. Many people avoid haunted houses and reported locations of ghost sightings. Fear of the unknown is common and it is advised to consider if a ghost hunt at night is something you would enjoy or be able to handle. You can join group tours on a ghost hunt with Ghostly Gathering. They limit the number of people who join their ghost hunts to maximise the experience for those involved. 

Where can I expect to go on a ghost hunt?

In Britain, there are now more and more people who claim to have witnessed or experienced a ghost. It makes sense when you consider that the UK is home to dozens of haunted locales, where countless ghost sightings have been claimed, and that its past is no stranger to bloody, terrible battles.

One of King Henry VIII’s executed wives is rumored to haunt one of the galleries from which she was brought to her death inside the six and a half acre Hampton Court royal grounds in Greater London. A tongueless woman at Glamis Castle in Angus, Scotland, a Brown Lady who has been spotted at Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, and the restless spirits of long-dead inmates in an Edinburgh penitentiary are reportedly said to exist. The area around Wisbech Castle has been occupied for thousands of years and was formerly a fort where many violent fights took place. The castle, which eventually evolved into a bishop’s palace, has been continuously occupied since William the 1st gave the order to have the fort replaced with a castle in 1072. There have been rumors of Joseph Medworth, the castle’s owner in 1811, appearing in public as the town bailiff.

With castles, stately homes, dungeons, vaults, pubs and many more locations on your doorstep, the UK offers a bounty of haunted and paranormal locations for you to visit. With events such as ghost hunts and ghost nights, there are a collection of events on offer with Ghostly Gathering.

Will I see a ghost or paranormal activity on a ghost hunt?

Nobody can guarantee the sighting of a ghost or paranormal activity. Locations may have a high level of paranormal activity, making it more likely for a ghost or something unusual to happen. It has been found that many people don’t capture the sighting of a ghost with the naked eye, instead they are captured on camera or audio device. Each ghost hunting event is limited in numbers to help

For some, this may come as a welcome relief. Seeing a ghost isn’t for the faint of heart. For those that don’t want to see a ghost or any other paranormal activity, ghost hunts may not be the night out for you. The majority of ghost hunting events are conducted at night when tourists or visitors have left public locations. This is an experience in itself. The dungeons of a castle can be scary during the day with lots of people in your tour group. However at night, those dungeons morph into endless tunnels where you can hear the slightest pin drop.

Should I be afraid of seeing a ghost on a ghost hunt?

If you’re afraid of seeing a ghost on a ghost hunt, then maybe this isn’t the right event for you. For those that want to see a ghost but remain safe, saying a prayer of protection is always recommended. Advice is provided on how to conduct yourself on ghost hunts so as not to offend any spirits or entities. Safety is always of great importance to event planners. 

Given how closely the phenomenon of ghosts and spirits has been linked to dread, it is practically a given that, if questioned, the majority of individuals would admit to being terrified if they saw a ghost. Even experienced ghost hunters have been known to flee in fear when they see or hear something paranormal. It’s OK to be scared of seeing a ghost or witnessing the paranormal. It’s not an event in which everyone would like to partake.