Where can I go on overnight ghost hunts in the UK?

The UK has a great wealth of haunted locations thanks to its long history.  You can visit haunted houses, buildings, prisons and maybe the odd castle. Haunted locations occur when someone has died and is unable to move on. Sometimes, such as in hospitals or asylums, many people passed away at the same location and are haunted by several ghosts. Overnight ghost hunts have become a popular hobby for many ghost hunters and paranormal chasers. With events across the UK, you can choose the type of event that suits you best. Would you like to stay overnight in a hotel with regular reports of a haunting? How long would you last in haunted rooms and corridors? You can test your wits by spending the night on a ghost hunt or hunting down a ghost or two with others on a tour.

Ghost hunting events are happening in many cities in 2022, as well as planned events for next year, in 2023. With overnight events starting at 7pm/9pm and finishing around 10am, you’re in for a great experience. Who wouldn’t want to explore a haunted castle at night? Maybe you’ll find a ghost in the dungeon. You can view and book a ghost hunt online, choosing dates from the list of planned events. 

How can I stay safe on overnight ghost hunts?

Staying safe on an overnight ghost hunt is always of top priority. All venues will have been inspected, with arrangements for dangerous areas locked or entry blocked. As you will be exploring at night, falling down a flight of rickety stairs or knocking into objects is a hazard you must be aware of. Keeping your eyes peeled and being aware of your surroundings is highlighted and reminders will be given if needed. Your safety is ultimately in your own hands so listen carefully to the tour guide and follow any rules given for that location. 

In the event you see a ghost, don’t panic! It’s very important to keep your wits about you and your composure cool. If you’re lucky enough to catch a ghost on camera or with the naked eye, don’t run or push anyone to get out of the room. Panic plays a major role in accidents in all walks of life. Unfortunately, ghost hunts are a classic example of events which can cause the faint of heart to panic and become unresponsive to others trying to calm them down. Going on a ghost hunt with a friend or two is always encouraged as this provides additional support and confidence. For those worried about a ghost following them home, prayers are advised to both bless and protect you. Regardless of religious beliefs, many people feel reassured and safer once they recite a prayer known to them. It is vitally important to respect the dead and ensure you don’t provoke them. Shouting at a ghost or demanding a ghost present themselves could have dire consequences. Just as insulting the living isn’t advised, goading or insulting a ghost could lead to unwanted repercussions. People have reported scratches and even the sensation of being pushed after they insulted a ghost. 

What are the most haunted locations in the world?

Wherever humans have settled, you can expect a ghost or two. Ghost hunting can be conducted all over the world due to the sheer volume of paranormal or ghost-related reports made over the last centuries. Some of the most famous locations, such as the Amityville House in Long Island, New York have been made into movies and books. The Amityville House was the tragic scene of a family murder where the son killed both is parents and four siblings. Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia was the first prison to implement solitary confinement on its prisoners. Inmates even had a hood placed over their heads when they left their cells to further isolate the prisoners. It is believed many prisoners developed mental health issues and illnesses before its closure in 1971. One of Scotland’s most spooky locations is Edinburgh Castle, which has a 900-year history. The castle has endured unexpected assaults, executions, and even a brief English occupation since it was built as a military stronghold in the early 12th century. The UK, Europe and the Americas hold some of the most documented locations of ghost sightings and haunted locations. However, events are held all over the world for those wishing to join a ghost hunt. 

It’s important to remember that different cultures have different views and beliefs concerning death and the afterlife. For many cultures, ghost hunts could be considered disrespectful to the dead and prohibited or unadvised. Japan, for instance, believes the dead should be respected to the same level, if not higher than you would show towards the living. Many people have caught themselves in a tight pinch with locals and the authorities when conducting ghost hunts in some of their most haunted locations. Other cultures fear the dead and would be shocked to find you actively on a ghost hunt. To them, you might as well be stating you wish to walk into hell for a holiday. Searching for a ghost on ghost hunts is the last thing they would consider doing and asking to go on a ghost hunt could offend and result in unexpected problems with the authorities. However, in countries such as America and the UK, ghost hunts are now commonplace. There will always be those who believe the dead should be left to rest. All ghost hunts should remember this and show respect at all times.

Are witches considered paranormal?

Literary works in the paranormal subgenre often feature creatures and events that go outside the purview of accepted natural science. Despite the possibility of supernaturalist aspects, the paranormal genre typically features folkloric, fairy-tale, and popular culture characters like fairies, witches, aliens, shape-shifters, and the undead. Paranormal hunters travel across the world in search of ghost sightings, UFO abductions and encounters with witches. A ghost hunt comes under the term paranormal. 

What do I do if I see a ghost on a hunt?

If you are fortunate enough to see a ghost on a ghost hunt, it’s important to remain calm and not panic. Most ghost hunts will begin with a prayer of protection and you are encouraged to say prayers when you feel scared. You might require a little more assistance if you come across a genuine ghost in order to survive. It never hurts to pray for protection and direction. You can also meditate or simply think good thoughts about the universe before you go, depending on your religious beliefs.

Remember that the ghost was once a living person and it’s important to be respectable. Ask permission to snap pictures after introducing yourself to the spirits and assuring them that you have no malicious intentions. Ask the ghosts to appear in your pictures. If they reply, express gratitude. Describe the tools you are using. A brief explanation can make ghosts feel more at ease as they won’t be able to detect devices like spirit boxes or EMF readers. Thank them for having you and urge them not to follow you as you depart.

It is important to know your limits before you join a ghost hunt. For some, ghost hunts are simply too much for them to handle. Whilst for others, ghost hunts present the perfect combination of history and horror. It’s understandable that some may want to finish the night early or go outside to compose themselves. It is important to gauge how you feel and prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed.

How do you know if a location is haunted?

Knocking on doors. Unusual shadows. Enigmatic whispers. Most likely, you don’t even need to contact the medium or ghost hunter team to recognize these well-known indicators of a haunted house. Discovering any potential reasons for the paranormal activity will help you understand the tales of those who lived in your house before you. You might hear odd noises. This can include knocking, footsteps, thumping, disembodied voices, creaking doors, and other unusual noises. You swear you put your keys at the door, but you ended up finding them on the opposite side of the room. Sometimes a ghost may cause objects to move to show their presence. If you’re smelling odd aromas, like perfume, smoke, or unpleasant odours that don’t seem to have a source, there might be a ghost nearby. People’s breath is occasionally used as a sign of a haunting in horror films, however, this is not always the case in reality. Even minute changes in temperature or brief frigid air bursts may be signs of the paranormal. This is said to be the result of ghosts absorbing energy and heat from their surroundings. The most evident indication that a ghost is living in your house is when you encounter an apparition. This can appear to various people in a variety of ways, from a mysterious, shadowy figure to something more akin to a person.