most haunted places in england

Where can I find haunted buildings in the UK?

Some of the most haunted places in England are rickety old homes, abandoned castles, creepy cemeteries, and post-industrial landscapes that may be more horrifying than anything ghosts can throw at you. What are the most haunted places in Britain? Take your pick! History is all around us, and some of the most haunted places in England make sure to remind you of this. What was that noise you heard? It was most likely your imagination, but ‘mostly’ isn’t the most reliable term. With spooky sightings of ghosts to destinations with a dark history, the UK’s full of adventures for the bold and brave. With famous spots across Britain, tourists flock every year in an attempt to catch ghosts or paranormal activities on camera.

For those wishing to visit haunted locations, Ghostly Gathering organises over-night tours at various places across the UK to provide you with an unforgettable experience. They aim to visit the most haunted areas across the UK where hauntings and sightings of ghosts have been reported. When else would you get the chance to stay the night in a castle, an abandoned theatre, a 300 year old Inn or a haunted tower? Opportunities like this are now available to the public and not just Ghost Hunters. Whether it’s a weekend away or a short holiday, you can travel across Britain with Ghostly Gathering to visit many of the haunted locations that have been scouted out and investigated prior to tours commencing. You can go on their website to view the tours running at the moment, as well as upcoming tours and information on what you can expect. Haunted locations and buildings are inspected before a tour is arranged to ensure safety measures are in place for visitors who will be exploring at night. 

Are there haunted destinations in London?

London has a rich, yet dark history. Famous landmarks such as The Tower Of London and Hampton Court Palace are among the top ten destinations in London that are said to be haunted. Some of Britain’s most haunted locations can be found in London, nestled between modern properties and hidden in plain sight. Many tours cater to the ghost hunters and thrill seekers. Visiting a haunted site isn’t to be taken lightly. It is said many people are confident before entering and soon become jumpy and nervous.

The Clink is well-known for being one of the most ruthless prisons of the Middle Ages. Prisoners were frequently beaten, tortured and malnourished at the church’s request. Many died before they could finish the harsh sentences they were given for their crimes. We don’t need to tell you how depressing it must have been to be alive at the time. It must have been a living nightmare. Visitors have said they encountered ghostly apparitions of guards and convicts, including a woman attempting to loosen her shackles, despite the fact that the prison has been closed for approximately 300 years. This site is a hub for those looking to experience a haunted building.

‘The Jack The Ripper’ used to be the name of the Ten Bells Pub. The landlord claimed in the 1990s that Annie Champman’s ghost haunted the tavern. Annie Champman was one of the victims of Jack the Ripper, who is considered to be one of the scariest killers in the UK, especially as he was never caught. People have also claimed to have seen ghosts and seen poltergeist activity within its boundaries. Tables are flying and chairs are swaying. Perhaps something is hidden in the barrels. Maybe there’s something more diabolical going on in this haunted site.

The Tower of London was a prison for about a thousand years. Possibly one of the worst prisons in the world. People lost their heads on a regular basis. Anne Boleyn, for example, is someone you may have heard of. In 1536, Henry VIII’s second and most famous wife was killed in the Tower of London. People have said they have seen her roaming around with her severed head by her side. Others have seen and heard a variety of inmates within the confines. Wailing. Wandering. Unable to come to terms with the fact they have died.

Can I visit a haunted castle in the UK?

Historical castles in the UK are cloaked in mystery and violent battle legends. Each region has their own collection of ghost encounters and hot-spots where they can be found. Hundreds of castles can be found in the UK, ranging from small medieval remains to the grander Windsor Castle. In Britain, mass castle construction stretches back to the Norman era, when William the Conqueror ordered the construction of massive stone castles for security. Many of the UK’s castles have a tumultuous history, with conflicts and executions taking place in their grounds. Castles are majestic and dramatic structures seen in our towns and cities, as well as in the countryside. Castle’s deemed haunted can be found across England, Scotland and Wales. World famous castle’s are on our doorstep and across Europe for those brave enough to explore.

In Scotland, the icy gray granite walls of Edinburgh Castle are home to innumerable ghost legends. The faint, haunting sound of a young piper who vanished without a trace hundreds of years ago can still be heard today. In addition to the myth of the missing piper, you can visit the Scottish dungeons where it is said you can hear about a headless drummer boy and a group of French captives taken during the Seven Years War who are frequently seen in and around the castle. Misty figures, something pulling at your clothes, and abrupt temperature drops are among the other strange occurrences. This national treasure is worth the time it will take to travel to get there.

Ghostly Gathering organises tours to various castles across the UK. You can find their current and upcoming tours on their website for information and booking details. Join Ghostly Gathering as they investigate Wisbech Castle, which was formerly a fort that saw countless deadly conflicts and has been inhabited for thousands of years. In 1072, William 1st ordered the construction of a castle in place of the fort, and the castle, which eventually became a bishop’s residence, has been continuously occupied since then. There have been reports of Joseph Medworth, the castle’s owner in 1811, appearing in the capacity of Town Bailiff. Many eerie experiences have been claimed by staff and tourists, including seeing people walk by in empty halls, feeling oppressed and afraid, and receiving chilly touches from invisible hands. In the house and garden, ghostly children have been seen and heard playing.

Are you safe in haunted places?

Some hotels, AirBnBs, and vacation rentals claim to be the most haunted establishment in the area, and they make it clear in their advertising. The majority of these properties have a shady past. Hotels and holiday rentals can be found in a former institution or a former soldiers’ camp that experienced violence. Other properties are merely occupied by pleasant entities of prior residents who like having a good time. Stories from caretakers and previous guests who have reported sightings and witnessed paranormal activity back up the history.

Some haunted hotels and lodging establishments are more terrifying than others. It’s a plus if you can find houses with friendly spirits from former occupants. You can, however, sleep (or not) in a structure reputed to be visited by demons, satanic cults, witches, war victims, and restless souls seeking justice. So, when you reserve a room, be sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into and read up on the history of the location. Taking the time to learn who may have died at the location you’re visiting can give you an insight into what may be expected in the event of seeing a spirit.

Haunted houses can sometimes emit a negative energy that makes you sick. It’s not uncommon to have headaches, fever, nausea, and chills after visiting a well-known haunted area. Whether or not these ailments are caused by evil spirits, staying hydrated and eating healthily will give you a fighting chance against them.

Respect the environment and adhere to the home rules in haunted places. Curfews, off-limit rooms and regions, and furniture and decorations that should not be handled may all be in place. There may also be superstitions to follow, whether you believe in them or not. Finally, you may need to get permission before using the Ouija board or going ghost hunting after midnight. One improper move can turn you into an intruder rather than a visitor in some of the most haunted places.