Haunted Ghost Nights

Our haunted ghost nights tours are a unique experience for a group of family or friends who are interested in the paranormal – only 18 years old and up, please!

We start by meeting at a specified haunted location at the perfect time to capture ghostly activities. Our aim is to bring our customers into contact with an actual ghost, if possible. Our ghost hunts are not rigged, and we don’t employ trickery or special effects. Instead, you’ll be led by one of our vetted Mediums, who will act as your personal guide. We always send a team of Mediums together to help support each other. This is partially for the experience of our customers, to give everyone more time and interaction with a real ghost hunting medium. But it also provides support for our team of mediums on staff, as we have no idea what kind of paranormal entity we will encounter on a given evening.

We mentioned earlier that we only allow adults to join our ghost hunting event. This is in part because we have no way of regulating what kind of ghost or spirit we may encounter and have no way to ensure the evening will be appropriate for a child. We also believe that it’s important that everyone present on our paranormal ghost nights is there by their own choice and volition, as the encounter with a paranormal entity could be quite terrifying for someone too young or unprepared.

Paranormal Ghost Night

Our paranormal host hunt is an experience that has to be seen to be believed! Our haunted nights are not simply ghost nights where we tell a few scary stories. We are interested in finding the truth about paranormal ghost hunts. If you want an authentic ghost hunt, then let us be your ghost hunt guides on what is sure to be a memorable experience. A night with us may change the way you view the world around you. You will certainly enjoy recounting the night and its events to your friends and family long after your paranormal ghost hunting night has concluded.

Simply ghost stories are not the name of the game here. Our ghost nights team will certainly tell you some spine tingling tales, but they are all true, and first-witness accounts of some of our past dates with our team’s nights ghost hunting in your specified location.

Over Night Tours and Events

Our ghost nights returned many interesting pictures from our previous customers. You can check out some of our best shots on our website, with unexplained phenomena in the background and even the foreground. 

If you want the best over night ghostly tours and events in legit haunted houses, inn, and castle locations, then Ghost Nights simply is the perfect option for you and your group. Haunted Nights Simply Ghost Encounter experiences offer the best chance of an up-close and personal paranormal encounter. Reach out to us and let us know what you’re looking for in a ghost hunt, and we can recommend the perfect upcoming event for you and your group. 

If you’re used to cheesy “ghost walks,” you’re in for a surprise when you hire us to take you on a unique and 100% real ghost hunt in a legit haunted building venue right here in the UK. We visit only the most haunted locations. We have exclusive access to some of the most haunted building locations in all of the UK, and our mediums are granted the right to visit your specified building, inn or castle with the purpose of locating ghosts and other paranormal activity. 

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If you’re ready for one of the most exciting nights of your life, sign up for our ghost nights online! News of our accomplished team is spreading quickly, and our tours are filling up faster than ever before. So don’t miss the chance to join us on one of our exclusive event nights in a legitimately haunted location.

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If you’re ready to encounter a ghost up close and personal, then contact us to sign up for our ghost nights. Of course, we’re also happy to answer all your questions!