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Ghost Hunting Events Around the UK

Are you interested in the paranormal? If you’re looking for ghost hunting events in some of the oldest and most historical haunted locations around the UK, then you’ll want to check out Ghostly Gathering and our authentic, no tricks ghost hunts. Each ghost hunting event is led by verified mediums to put you in touch with the other side. Our ghost hunt events never involve any trickery or special effects. We are sincerely interested in making contact with ghosts and offering this unbelievable ghost event. Ghost hunting is part art and part science and our team is incredibly well-versed in creating the optimal conditions for paranormal encounters with a ghost. If you want to be a ghost hunter, then take your pick of our upcoming ghost hunt tours. We offer overnight options in a variety of locations. Our trips are good for expert as well as amateur ghost hunters. If you’re up for the hunt, then you’ll want to make reservations before we sell out.

Paranormal Haunted Ghost Hunts

If you are interested in save ghost hunt, then you’ll want to check out the wide variety of ghost hunt offerings we have at Ghostly Gathering. A few of our options include:

We are sure to have something for everyone who is interested in haunted history. Our nights of paranormal activity are an unforgettable experience not to be missed. We offer top quality service to our guests and offer a unique and sincerely haunting evening with our ghost experts.

Ghost Hunts Through History Laden Haunted Castle

If you’ve always dreamed spending the night in a haunted castle while hunting for ghosts and spectres, then Ghostly Gathering can turn your dreams into a haunting reality. Simply check our website for upcoming ghost hunting dates and make a reservation per our website. Read through our terms and conditions, and get ready for one of the most interesting paranormal experiences of your life. We have a collection of incredible options that all starts with a historical account by your guides. We can try different techniques such as divination and scrying to make contact with the other side.

Halloween Ghost Event in a Haunted Location

Halloween is a special time for our ghost nights. Can you imagine the magic of embarking on an overnight ghost hunt on such a special day as All Hallow’s Eve? If you want to party with the ghosts, this is the ideal time. Spend the night in a haunted castle or historic inn on one of our ghost nights. Visit incredible locations and haunted houses, drive through beautiful locations in the east and all over the UK. You can find not only ghosts but incredible locations steeped in history and drama. These are some of the most interesting places that we find for you to discover paranormal activities.

Hunt for a Ghost in Spectacular Historical Locations

If you dream of visits to the most incredible historical locations in the UK that are drenched in drama, murders, and intrigue, then join us on our east drive as we drive east to embark on our famous Ghostly Gathering tours. Keep in mind that we have a policy regarding not taking children under the age of 18. Contact us personally if you would like to discuss our policy. You can also find our privacy policy online. You can also read about our expiry policy on our website.

Our tours are really something special, we like to keep our tours small and intimate. We also find that ghosts tend to be more active when there’s a bit more privacy. The ghost hunt nights are a very special experience. Our hunts are not for the faint of heart. But, if you’re looking for a true ghost hunt experience, you won’t want to miss this.

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